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Difficult Conversations with Young People





Welcome to the Parent Info newsletter. 

Some conversations with young people are not easy. We know that.  

Finding the right way to enter into discussions – to share important and clear messages and to encourage them to open up to their own views and concerns – requires not only a considered approach, but also a knowledge and understanding about the topics being discussed. 

In this newsletter, we have four new articles which can empower you for some of the more difficult topics you might talk about with young people. 

The Dove Self Esteem Project's article on positive body image explores the pressures of appearance on young people, while the Home Office's Disrespect NoBody campaign covers the issues of consent, sexting and spotting signs of abusive relationships. 

We hope you find them useful. 

Read our latest advice

Conversations about positive body image

Our latest article from the Dove Self Esteem Project offers support and guidance for when you need to initiate difficult discussions about pressures to look a certain way.

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Talking to your teenager about consent

The Home Office Disrespect NoBody campaign offers advice on harmful teenage behaviour, including understanding consent, sexting and abusive relationships.


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