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Westlands School Uniform

Westlands School has an enviable reputation for the high standard of appearance of its pupils, a reputation of which the school is very proud, and one that is often favourably commented upon by members of the general public and local employers.

All Westlands pupils are therefore expected to maintain this high standard by coming to school smartly dressed in their full school uniform and wearing it in the required style. All items of uniform worn to school must be of conventional school style appropriate for formal school wear and clearly marked with the owner's name. Clothing must not include fashion items. Clothes, or any other item that a pupil brings to school, should not portray any inappropriate logos or wording. No jewellery is permitted in school. Jewellery will be confiscated and given to the main office for collection after school. If parents have any doubts about what may be inappropriate, they should contact the Learning Leader.


Make-up, Hair, Jewellery and Tattoos

  • Make-up:
    Make-up is not permitted for Key Stage 3 pupils. Only discreet make-up is permitted for pupils in Key Stage 4.
  • Jewellery:
    No jewellery is permitted in school, including earrings. Jewellery will be confiscated and given to the main office for collection after school.
  • Hair styles:
    Hair styles and hair colour should be acceptable for a formal school situation.
  • Tattoos:
    No tattoos should be visable at any time, including during PE lessons or games activities.
  • Nails:
    Fingernails should not be painted and false nails/acrylic nails are banned.

Main School Uniform

  • Blazer:
    Navy blue with navy blue buttons and a school badge on the breast pocket. Pupils must carry blazers with them at all times.
  • School Trousers :
    Plain grey or black.
  • School Skirt:
    Plain grey, either straight with a kick pleat or a kilt, not black, of an appropriate length.
  • School Shirt/Blouse:
    Plain white with standard collar and a top button (not a revere collar for girls). Must be tucked into the waistband of trousers or skirt. Any clothing worn under the shirt/blouse must not show above the collar. Logos should not be visible through the material of the shirt or blouse.
  • School Pullover:
    Plain mid-grey or navy blue with "V" neck (no logos) - this is the only permitted additional item of clothing for cold weather. Sweatshirts, jumpers, hooded fleece tops or similar items are not permitted.
  • Socks:
    Plain grey, navy blue, black or white.
  • Tights:
    Plain neutral, navy blue, black or grey.
  • Shoes:
    Formal leather shoes, black with low heels, suitable for school. Backless, open toes, sling-back, high heels or boots are not allowed. Shoes should not be decorated in any way. Trainers are not permitted.
  • Tie:
    Community colours and worn in a formal style, properly knotted and tied to an acceptable length showing 5 stripes below the knot, and done up to the top button of the shirt. Ties must not be tucked into shirts or blouses or have the threads coloured in.
  • Outer Coat:
    Plain navy blue or plain black preferred. This should be a formal coat, suitable for school wear. Sweatshirts, jumpers, hooded fleeces, sports jackets or similar items, which are clearly not intended to be worn as a coat, are not permitted.
    If a suitable coat does have a hood, at no time during the school day must the hood be used to conceal a pupils' identity.
  • Apron:
    For Design and Technology classes.
  • Scarf:
    Only the school approved navy blue scarf with a name tag may be worn.

Compulsory PE Kit


  • Westlands rugby top
  • Westlands shorts
  • Westlands boys' polo t-shirt
  • Blue jogging bottoms with Westlands badge
  • Socks - navy blue knee-length socks
  • Shin pads - must be worn when representing the school in football or hockey matches


  • Westlands ladies' polo t-shirt
  • Blue jogging bottoms with Westlands badge
  • Westlands skort or Westlands shorts
  • Westlands sports hoody
  • Socks - navy blue knee-length socks
  • Shin pads - must be worn when representing the school in football or hockey matches

Additional Items:

  • Westlands Sports hoody
  • Westlands base layer
  • Westlands rugby top
  • Gum shields - if taking part in inter-school matches or specialist options


For additional information please see our school uniform policy.