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CACHE/Health and Social Care

Subject Leader: Miss J Wisdom


CACHE Level 2 Award in Child Development and Care

Exam Board: CACHE
Level: 2 

Course Overview

This course provided the opportunity to gain a vocational qualification that gives a basic introduction to the sector. This includes the knowledge and understanding of child development and well-being necessary for working with children in a variety of settings. It gives learners an insight into their preferred learning styles and assists in developing their ability to study. 
There are 3 units:

  • An Introduction to working with children 0-5 years
  • Development and well-being 0-5 years
  • Child care and development 0-5 years

Units 1 and 2 are internally assessed coursework grades A* to D, while unit 3 in externally assessed through a short answer question.

Assessment: 50% examination, 50% controlled assessment



BTEC Health and Social Care Extended Certificate

Exam Board: Edexcel
Level: 3

Course Overview

BTEC Nationals are vocational qualifications that are designed to provide specialist work-related qualifications in a range of sectors. This course offers students opportunity to learn about concepts related to human development, health, safety, security, issues such as equality, diversity and the various social care and health care provisions in the UK. The Extended Certificate requires students to complete 4 units over 2 years. These are assessed via external exams and internal marked coursework. These include compulsory units:

  • Unit 1: Human Lifespan Development (external exam)
  • Unit 2: Working in Health and Social Care (external exam)
  • Unit 5: Meeting Individual Care and Support Needs (internally marked coursework)
  • Unit 14: Physiological Disorders and their care (internally marked coursework)

Assessment: 50% external exam and 50% coursework.


NCFE CACHE Technical Diploma in Childcare and Education

Exam Board: NCFE CACHE
Level: 3

Course Overview

This qualification prepares learners to become Early Years Educators, enabling them to work with children from birth to 5 years and gain knowledge of children aged 5-7 years.  Upon achievement of the qualification, learners will be able to enter the workforce as Early Years Educators or access Higher Education.

The course has 750 hours of real work environment experience that will be assessed through placement hours and observations. 

Assessment:  Portfolio of evidence – graded A*-D. 

These are internally assessed. Professional Practice Portfolio – graded Achieved / Not Yet Achieved; Synoptic assessments at the end of each year.  This is externally set and externally assessed. These contribute 30.8% towards the final qualification grade for the diploma

Units 1-7 are completed during the first year and Units 9-14 are completed during the second year


Curriculum Content

Year 9 CACHE level 2

Term 1: Unit 2 - Outline the three key child development theories
Term 2: Unit 2 - Describe the expected pattern of physical development (task 1)
Term 3: Unit 2 - Describe the expected pattern of intellectual development (task 1)
Term 4: Unit 2 - Describe the expected pattern of language development (task 1)
Term 5: Unit 2 - Describe the expected pattern of social and emotional development (task 1) 
Term 6: Unit 2 - Evaluation of observation methods (task 2)


Year 10 CACHE level 2 

Term 1: Unit 2 - Explain ways observations can support development (task 2)
Term 2: Unit 2 - Factors that affect holistic development (task 3)
Term 3: Unit 2 - Activities to support care needs and well-being (task 4)
Term 4: Unit 2 - Transitions and the affect they can have on a child's development and ways childcare worker can support the child (task 5)
Term 5: Unit 1 - Roles and responsibilities of a child care worker and the concequences of not maintaining them (task 2)
Term 6: Unit 1 - Identify study skills and learning styles (task 4)


Year 11 CACHE Level 2 

Term 1: Unit 1 - Preparation for working in a child care provision (task 2)
             Unit 3 - preparation and revision for the first attempt at the short answer examination
Term 2: Unit 1 - Roles and responsibilities of a childcare worker and the concequences of maintaining them (task 2)
Term 3: Identify how to meet the individual needs of children and the responsibility of the childcare worker
             linked to inclusion and diversity (task 4)
Term 4: Unit 1 and 2 reflection and upgrades through revision for the short answer examination
Term 5: Unit 1 and 2 reflection and upgrades through revision for the short answer examination
Term 6: Unit 3 - Examination resit for those who require

Sixth Form Provision

BTEC Level 3 Health and Social Care Extended Certificate

Unit 1 Human Lifespan Development

  • Human growth and development through the life stages
  • Factors affecting human growth and development
  • Effects of ageing

Unit 2 

  • The roles and responsibilities of people who work in the health and social care sector
  • The roles of organisations in the health and social care sector
  • Working with people with specific needs in the health and social care sector

Unit 5 Meeting individual Care and Support Needs

  • Examine principles, values and skills which underpin meeting the care support needs of individuals
  • Examine the ethical issues involved when providing care and support to meet individual needs
  • Investigate the principles behind enabling individuals with care and support needs to overcome challenges
  • Investigate the roles of professionals and how they work together to provide the care and support necessary to meet individual needs

Unit 14 Physiological Disorders and their care

  • Investigate the causes and effects of physiological disorders
  • Examine the investigation and diagnosis of physiological disorders
  • Examine treatment and support for services users with physiological disorders.
  • Develop a treatment plan for service users with physiological disorder to meet their needs

Useful Website Links

Age Concern
Government Department of Health 
Health and Safety Executive
Equal Opportunities Commission 
Royal National Institute of Blind People
Social Care Institute for Excellence
Skills for Health
Edexcel Website

Suggested Revision Guides and Books:

SBillingham et al – BTEC National Health and Social Care Student Book 1 (Pearson, 2016) ISBN 978 129212 601 2 

OSL and Extra-Curricular Activities:

Support is offered to the student during lunch and after school sessions that take place on a Friday.