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Subject Leader: Mrs C Botting


GCSE Media Studies

Exam Board: AQA
Level: 2 

Course Overview

This course consists of a controlled assessment (30%) and examinations (70%), both of which take place in their final year of study. GCSE Media Studies offers an extensive and meaningful coverage of media theory and practice with practical work which integrates theories and concepts across a broad range of media including television, film, internet and advertising. It gives pupils opportunities to learn about real media products and industries and impact on audiences and consumers.

Assessment: 70% examination, 30% controlled assessment.



Media Studies A-Level

Exam Board: AQA
Level: 3

Course Overview

An excellent choice for pupils wishing to continue their study of media from GCSE level, or for pupils who are interested in the subject and possibly pursuing a career in the media industry. The course is linear, which means that they will sit all exams and submit any controlled assessment at the end of the course in year 13. This will include a controlled assessment in which pupils will create a media product (30%) and two exams which will assess their knowledge and understanding of media audiences, industries, representation and close study products (70%).

Assessment: 30% controlled assessment, 70% examination.

Curriculum Content

Year 9

This is an introductory year to the course and will focus on covering the key concepts which will develop a solid foundation of knowledge for the following two years. The key concepts that will be covered include:
  • Media Language and Analysis
  • Media Institutions, ownership and regulation
  • Representation in the Media
  • Audiences of Media Texts
  • Introduction to Media Theory
  • Practical application of techniques

Year 10

During this year, pupils will build on the foundation knowledge they have developed in year 9 and begin preparation for their controlled assessment and examination in year 11.
  • Study of media theory is deepened and will learn to apply the theory in the context of several media examples
  • Media design skills will be developed and will aim to plan and create professional media products such as film, graphics and advertising.
  • Pupils will explore “close study products” and study institutional, audience and media language aspects in great detail for each product. An example of a close study product could be a podcast, website or film opening.
  • Further develop the ability to analyse media texts in a social and historical context. They will be able to compare and contrast historical and contemporary media products.

Year 11

During their final year of study, pupils will demonstrate their ability in the subject through assessment. They will be expected to use “close study products” that they were introduced to in year 10 and be able to independently analyse them through the key concepts they will have studied and developed throughout the course.

  • Pupils will be expected to work to a given brief to design and create a professional media product. This forms their controlled assessment which is worth 30%
  • Pupils will complete 2 exams, both 1 hour 30 minutes long. They will demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of media audiences, industries, representation and close study products.

OSL and Extra-Curricular Activities:

Extra support for coursework and revision sessions for all media students at GCSE will be available in Room D15 after school on Friday until 4pm.

Extra support for A-Level is available every day after school until 4pm

D15 is available to all media students to use every lunchtime.