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Subject Leader: Mr C Rochester

Key Stage 4

BTEC Level 2 First Award in Music

Exam Board: Edexcel
Level: 1/2

Course Overview

This is a vocational course comprising of four units, one of which is externally assessed. Learners embark on a journey of skills development, ranging from individual and group performance skills to managing their own music event. The course features a variety of different practical assignments and having some level of skill on an instrument is required.

Assessment:75% coursework. 25% examination.


Curriculum Content

Year 7

Term 1 and 3: Rhythm and Timing, Construction of Melodies.
Term 2 and 4: Improvisation within different genres.
Term 5 and 6: Composition, Notation, Chord Progressions and Scales.

Year 8

Term 1 and 3: Composition and Songwriting.
Term 2 and 4: Music Performance Project.
Term 5 and 6: Musical Genre Development.

Year 9 BTEC

Skill based year. Pupils work on performance skills and building up confidence. Begin going through material for Unit 1 examination.

Year 10 BTEC

Term 1 and 2: Unit 3 - Introducing Live Sound. The Planning Stages.
Term 3 and 4: Unit 3 - Introducing Live Sound. Health and Safety.
Term 5 and 6: Unit 5 - Introducing Music Performance. Rehearsal and development skills.

Unit 1: The Music Industry will be taught throughout the year, with specific focus during term 2 and 4.

Year 11 BTEC

Term 1 and 2: Unit 2 - Making a Music Product. Planning and development stages.
Term 3 and 4: Unit 5 - Introducing Music Performance. Preparation for a live performance.
Term 5 and 6: Unit 2 - Making a Music Product. Running a live event. Unit 3- Introducing Live Sound.

Unit 1: The Music Industry will again be taught throughout the course of the academic year.


Useful Website Links:

Sound Junction
Sound Hub Kent

Suggested Revision Guides and Books:

Revision guides are created by the music department staff and distributed to pupils on the BTEC course.


Out of School Learning (OSL) and Extra-Curricular Activities:

OSL runs at individually arranged times with students. There are a variety of clubs on offer.  Details are available on Tutor noticeboards or from the Music Department.