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Subject Leader: Mrs A Grady

Curriculum Content

Year 7

Term 1 - Relationships (PHSE)

  • This topic uses the Expect Respect curriculum
  • Pupils will explore the characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships

Term 2 - Emotional and Mental Well-being (PHSE)

  • Pupils will investigate the feautres of well-being and discover strategies to support mental wellness
  • Pupils will also learn about support within school and the local community for when mental health issues arise

Term 3 - Religious Beliefs - (Christianity)

  • This topic will explore the beliefs of Christians and begin to look at how values and lifestyles are shaped by beliefs
  • Pupils will compare their views with the views of others

Term 4 - Religious Beliefs - (Islam)

  • Pupils will focus on the basic teachings and beliefs of Islam
  • This topic will allow exploration of how diverse views shape our society

Term 5 – Human Rights (Citizenship)

  • This citizenship module will cover human rights and focus on the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child

Term 6 - The Justice System (Citizenship)

  • Pupils will explore why laws are needed and how the justice system works
  • Pupils will also consider the difference between civil and criminal law

Year 8

Term 1 - Media and Bias (Citizenship)

  • Pupils will focus on how the media influences culture and choices
  • Pupils will also learn about how to identify 'fake news' and critically analyse media bias

Term 2 - Career Exploration -(PHSE)

  • Pupils will use the Real Game software to explore job roles and life choices based on salary earnings
  • Pupils will research jobs that interest them and create a portfolio of possible career options

Term 3 - Money Management (PHSE)

  • Pupils will explore the difference between needs and wants
  • Pupils will learn how to budget and set spending priorities

Term 4 - Healthy Living (PHSE)

  • Pupils will explore a range of healthy living strategies by taking a holistic look at physical health, emotional health and wellbeing

Term 5 - Teenage relationships (SRE)

  • Pupils will have opportunity to learn about different types of relationships, including those of a sexual nature – consent to be covered
  • Pupils will explore how grooming and exploitation can occur (online safety focus) and examine proactive strategies to protect self and others from online risks

Term 6 - Risky Behaviours (PHSE)

  • Pupils to explore risks associated with using illegal and legal substances and how these risks can be managed
  • Pupils will discuss support options available for those who are using substances to cope with problems
  • Pupils will explore knife crime and joint enterprise laws


Year 9

Term 1 - Extremism and Radicalisation (Citizenship / Religious Studies)

  • Pupils to investigate reasons people choose to hold extremist views and why some choose to use violence and terrorism
  • Pupils will compare and contrast a range of extremist groups to discover key elements shared
  • Pupils will explore how a person can become radicalised and what to do if you are concerned about rad

Term 2 - Government in the UK (Citizenship)

  • Pupils to study structure of UK government and explore the political spectrum
  • Pupils will begin to investigate their own views and how they line up with different political parties

Term 3- Relationships and Sex Education ( PSHE)

  • Pupils explore the important discussions about the positive and negative aspects of relationships.
  • Pupils will discuss the many different types of contraception and the consequences of choosing not to use any, including STI's.