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90% Attendance

A lot of students have 90% attendance and they think this is good, their parents also think it is pretty good! Unfortunately 90% attendance is the equivalent of one half-day off every week.

The Westlands School expects every student to have at least 95% attendance. We want all our young people to achieve their full potential and to progress into their chosen career. Barriers such as poor attendance will hinder, delay or stop their progress.


Medical Appointments

Please can parents try wherever possible to arranged Doctor or Dentist appointments outside of school time. If this is not possible then please can we request that students do not take the whole day off. Students have currently lost 743 days so far this academic year due to hospital, doctor or dentist appointments.


Attendance Report for Parents

As a school we have a duty to ensure that all students attend regularly so they achieve their full potential. The school sets a level of 95% attendance for every student, which is endorsed by the Department for Education, Ofsted and the Local Authority.

Any Student who attendance falls below 95% will automatically be sent a standard letter stating the attendance, and any further action that may be taken if it does not improve. This is monitored weekly and students may be spoken to.

We will normally authorise up to 5 days of absence if parents have informed us with a just reason why the student is off. Anything beyond this may result in letters being sent and unauthorised absence marks being given. We appreciate and encourage parents making daily contact to inform us of absences, and in certain medical cases some continued absences will be authorised.

Parents informing us of absences due to illness does not automatically guarantee it will be authorised this will be determined by the school, depending on current attendance levels and whether medical evidence has been provided. We do not require letters from GP’s but any medication packaging or an appointment card from the Dr will be enough. We ask where possible that you make Doctor or Dentist appointments after school hours.

If your Child receives unauthorised absences a Penalty Notice warning letter will be sent. This will state how many unauthorised absences there are. If a student has 10 unauthorised absences, (5 days), in 2 consecutive terms a second Penalty Notice letter will be sent informing that a fine may be issued. If this is the case the parent will receive a letter from KCC and the student will be given a monitoring period of 3 weeks. If they have no unauthorised absences in those 3 weeks no fine is issued. If a fine is issue it is £60 per parent per child which will raise to £120 per parent per child if not paid within 21 days.

Your child should be in school by 8.30am every day as lessons start at 8.40am. Any student arriving at school from 8.39 is deemed late and a detention will be given at break time. If a student arrives after 9am when the register closes this is recorded as an unauthorised late and can also result in a Penalty Notice being issues.

Regarding Holidays, no holidays are authorised, but we do expect parents to notify us if they have booked a holiday. Penalty Notices are issued but there is no monitoring period just a straight fine of £60 per parent per child to be paid in 21 days if not it will be increased. If there are exceptional circumstances the Head teacher may agree to authorise but this is very rare.


Rate Your Attendance?

Excellent 99-100% 0-2 days absence
Good 95-98% 3-10 days absence
Worrying 90-94% 11-20 days absence
Serious Concern 85-89% 21-30 days absence
Major Concern 84% or less 31 or more days absence



There are 190 school days a year...

...that leaves 175 days for:

  • Family holidays
  • Shopping trips
  • Dentist appointments
  • Household Jobs
  • Seeing family and friends
  • etc, etc.

Research shows...

  • 5% attendance lost (e.g 95% attendance) = 1 academic grade lost, e.g. C to D.
  • 10% attendance lost (e.g 90% attendance) = 2 academic grades lost, e.g. C to E.

A 90% attendance from Yr 7 to 11 is the equivalent of missing...

  • 100 days or 20 weeks or 3 terms or half a year!