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Subject Leader: Mr P Humphries


Level 2 Vocational Award in Constructing the Built Environment

Exam Board: WJEC
Level: 2

Course Overview

Students develop knowledge and skills within the construction sector. They will be expected to understand the way buildings are designed and constructed. They will develop knowledge of appropriate materials and building techniques. They will also have opportunities to develop practical skills, such as bricklaying, painting and carpentry.

Assessment: 50% examination, 50% coursework



Light Vehicle Maintenance

Exam Board: IMI
Level: 2

Course Overview

Students develop the knowledge and skills to enable them to work in the automotive industry, with the competence to complete basic repair tasks and full servicing on light vehicles. This course also includes related technical knowledge and understanding units. All units, both theory and practical, have an end of unit test that MUST be passed. All units have coursework that prepares the learner for each of the tests. Pupil progress is monitored by an e-portfolio system which can be accessed both in and out of school.

Assessment: 3 online assessments. 1 synoptic assessment, various end of unit tests.


Curriculum Content

Year 9

Term 1: Bricklaying
Term 2: Sustainable Design
Term 3: Painting and Decorating Phase
Term 4: Carpentry - Key Skills
Term 5: Painting and Decorating - Wallpapering
Term 6: Design Development

Year 10

Term 1: Health and Safety in construction
Term 2: Design Project
Term 3: Carpentry – joinery
Term 4: Painting and Decorating
Term 5: Plumbing services
Term 6: Electrical installations

Year 11

Term 1: Health and Safety in construction
Term 2: Carpentry - advanced skills
Term 3: Painting and Decorating - wallpapering
Term 4: Design evaluation
Term 5: Exam preparation
Term 6: Exams


Sixth Form Provision

Light Vehicle Maintenance

Course Overview

  • Health, Safety and Good Housekeeping in the Automotive Environment
  • Support for Job Roles in the Automotive Environment
  • Materials, Fabrication, Tools and Devices used in the Automotive Environment
  • Remove and Replace Light Vehicle Units and Components.
  • Knowledge of Light Vehicle Units and Components.
  • Plan, Prepare, Carry Out and Report on Routine Light Vehicle Maintenance
  • Synoptic Unit Online Assessments.