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EduLink One User Guides

Westlands School uses Edulink One as our integrated school information and communication platform, where the information parents and carers need to know is in one place.  Edulink One gives parents and carers access to your child’s most recent achievement data, their homework tasks and allows you to keep track of their achievement and behaviour in school, which directly links to the rewards system.  You can also use Edulink One to report a child absence, rather than having to telephone to school.

Communication and Parents’ Evenings

It is important to note that all messages sent from the school to parents and carers are sent using Edulink One.  These will include information concerning timetable changes, examination timetables, progress reviews, notification of detentions and any other important information we need to share with parents and carers.

We also now use Edulink One for parents to book appointments at Parents’ Evenings.  Parents and carers will be sent a message through Edulink One notifying them the date of Parents’ Evening for their child and when the booking system will become live, allowing parents and carers the opportunity to book appointments with their child’s teachers.  We no longer use any other system for booking appointments at Parents’ Evenings.

How to use Edulink One

All pupils and parents have a unique login to access Edulink One.  There are two methods of accessing the platform.  There is an app version downloadable from the App Store or Google Play, which allows you to access from a smart device such as a mobile telephone or tablet having the information you need at your fingertips.  Alternatively, you can access Edulink One using the following web address:  

We have included a few user guides to support you with navigating certain areas of Edulink One.  If you require your login details at any point or would like assistance with using Edulink One, please contact the school office who will be able to assist you.


Getting Started Guide

Parents' Evening Guide

Homework Guide