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Modern Foreign Languages

Subject Leader: Mr L Soan

Key Stage 4

French GCSE 

Exam Board: AQA
Level: 2

Course Overview

GCSE French helps students develop their language skills in a variety of contexts and gives a broad understanding of the culture of countries and communities where French is spoken. It encourages enjoyment of language learning and the recognition that language skills enable students to take their place in a multi-lingual global society. 

This four-unit specification requires students to develop their ability to write and speak in French and to understand French when it is written down or spoken. This qualification counts towards the English Baccalaureate.  Students study the following themes on which the assessments are based.  1: Identity and culture.  2: Local, national, international and global areas of interest.  3: Current and future study and employment.

Equal weighting for all four skills  - Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

Assessment: 100% examination to be assessed in the final year of the course.

Curriculum Content

Year 7

Term 1: Introducing Myself
Term 2: My School
Term 3: My Hobbies
Term 4: My Family Life
Term 5: My Family Life / My Town
Term 6: My Town


Year 8

Term 1: My School Holidays
Term 2: Celebrations and Festivals
Term 3: Technology and Free Time
Term 4: Daily Routine
Term 5: Daily Routine / Sport
Term 6: Sport


Year 9

Term 1: Friendships and Relationships
Term 2: Describing social outings in the past and future tenses
Term 3: Sport and Leisure
Term 4: Hobbies
Term 5: Music and Reading
Term 6: Film and Cinema


Year 10

Term 1: Celebrations and National Holidays
Term 2: Customs and Festivals in French Speaking Countries
Term 3: Describing my Town and Region
Term 4: Travel and Tourism
Term 5: School Life
Term 6: Healthy Living


Year 11

Term 1: The World of Work
Term 2: Environmental Issues
Term 3: Social Issues and Charity
Term 4: Revision
Term 5: Examination preparation


Useful Website Links:

Languages Online - A useful and free website which can be used to practice grammar and language, learning at home independently.

Language Gym - A fun and effective website to enable students to practise their verbs and tenses in a variety of ways


Suggested Revision Guides and Books:

AQA Revise AQA GCSE French Revision Workbook
AQA Revise AQA GCSE French Revision Audioguide
AQA Translation and Grammar Workbook

Out of School Learning (OSL) and Extra-Curricular Activities:

  • OSL for Year 11 - Friday 1500 - M21 and M22
  • Various sessions for GCSE – contact your individual teacher

If you speak a language at home other than English please contact Mr L Soan to discuss the possibility of gaining a qualification in this. We have had students successfully gaining qualifications in Russian, Turkish and Italian.