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Welcome to Westlands School

Welcome to Westlands School. If you are reading this message on our website, I would strongly advise you to come and visit us so that you can see for yourself what a great school we have. Westlands School is based on a tradition of success in terms of high achievement, a caring approach to our students, and in providing opportunities for all. Whatever your background, learning needs, gifts and talents, we believe we can offer all students a chance to do well, both with regard to their learning and in preparation for adulthood. As a large school we have facilities to appeal to students who are academic, creative, and practical. There really is something for everybody. Find out more here.

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Ski Trip 2017

Following previous successful trips organised by Westlands School, we are now looking forward to winter 2017 and we are very excited to offer your child a once in a lifetime ski trip to the USA.

Your child will learn to ski in the fabulous resorts of Loon and Cannon Mountain, New Hampshire during the February Half Term holidays in 2017.

We will be staying at the Indian Head Resort with spectacular views from modern and spacious rooms and take a dip in the indoor or year round heated outdoor pool! Further to this we are also going to spend one night in New York City!

For more information please contact Miss Winstanley.

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Parent View

Parent View gives you the chance to tell us what you think about the Westlands School.

Parent View asks for your opinion on 12 aspects of the school, from the quality of teaching, to dealing with bullying and poor behaviour.

By sharing your views, you'll be helping Westlands School to improve. You will also be able to see what other parents have said about the school. Or, if you want to, view the results for any school in England.

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  • 02-12-2016 - Nut Allergy Awareness

    Dear Parents and Carers

    The issue of allergies of any kind is one which we as a school have to take seriously.  Our school has an obligation to be as inclusive as possible, so children with allergies can be included in the normal, everyday activities organised at school.  Nut allergies are increasingly common and serious.

    We have a number of children who suffer from nut allergies.  The allergy of one of our pupils is so servere that they could have a reaction by being close to someone eating nuts or who has eaten nuts or who has used a product containing nut oil such as hand cream or other cosmetics.  This is know as an airborne nut allergy and it can be life threatening.  Unless we make a real effort as a school community to become 'nut free' then the lives of a small number of children and their families can be blighted.  Many primary schools are now 'nut free' and whilst I understand this is much more of an undertaking in a large school such as Westlands, we all need to make a greater effort.  We will continue to educate children about the risks.

    I am therefore asking for your support, especially as we approach the Christmas season.  Perhaps you could consider:

    1. As a priority, avoid giving your child any food or product that you know contains nuts and which they bring to school.

    2. Read the labels on less obvious products such as chocolates, sweets and cosmetics before you send them into school with your child.

    3. Encourage your child to avoid buying foods which contain nuts on their journey to school.

    4. Where possible, avoid giving your children breakfast foods which have a high concentration of nuts.

    I have seen first-hand the impact a nut allergy can have on a child.  As a parent myself I cannot begin to imagine the anxiety a condition like this would cause to a whole family.  I hope you agree that a few simple steps can make such a difference.

    Kind regards.

    Mr Cox, Headteacher

  • 22-11-2016 - Year 10 Information Evening - Information Slides

    Following the Year 10 Information Evening last week, please click here to review the presentation slides that were used by Subject Leaders and Learning Leaders.

  • 17-11-2016 - Swale Sixth Form: Friday 25 November 2016

    On Friday 25 November 2016 Sittingbourne Community College has a staff training day and will be closed to all pupils.  Therefore no Sixth Form lessons will take place at SCC on 25 November.  Please note, the Skills Centre will also be closed on Friday 25 November for all pupils.

    However, due to the change in date of Westlands School's staff training day, lessons will continue as normal at this site.  Any pupil, whether based at SCC or Westlands who have lessons at Westlands on a Friday, MUST attend those lessons as normal.

    Minibuses will NOT be operating between the sites on this day.  SCC pupils who have lessons at Westlands will need to make their own arrangements.  Westlands pupils who normally travel over to SCC for lessons, will not be required to attend for those periods on that day.

    Please telephone either of the Sixth Form offices if you require confirmation of any of the arrangements for this day.

    Mrs Z Romney

    Principal, Swale Sixth Form

    Deputy Headteacher

  • 16-11-2016 - Reminder: Year 10 Parents' Information Evening

    The Year 10 Information Evening will take place tomorrow, Thursday 17 November from 6.00 pm to 7.00 pm in Cryalls Hall.

  • 16-11-2016 - Message from Headteacher - National Anti-Bullying Week

    Dear Parents/Carers

    This week is National Anti-Bullying Week and I thought it would be helpful if I let parents know how we as a school work to try to ensure that Westlands School is a safe environment where bullying is not tolerated.

    Firstly, bullying exists in all schools to a greater or lesser extent. We are honest and open about it here at Westlands School. The issue of course is how effectively the school deals with it and ensures that pupils feel safe and supported.

    Over the past few weeks I and other senior staff have been speaking to pupils first-hand about their experiences of this issue at the school. What is clear is that whilst most pupils have never experienced any problems with this issue themselves, they can often point to situations where they have seen another pupil made unhappy by unkind behaviour.

    In my experience, if you ever want to get to the heart of an issue in a school the best thing to do is to talk to pupils. As a result of our conversations with pupils we have put in place the following strategies to ensure that the school environment is as safe and settled as practically possible, although this is not exhaustive.

    Calm Zones - large supervised outside areas in the school where pupils can go at break and lunchtime to sit and talk with friends and where ball games and running around are not permitted.

    Calm Rooms – a number of supervised rooms where pupils can visit at lunchtime and involve themselves in an activity of some sort if they find the playground and field a little boisterous.

    Lunchtime Supervision – teachers on duty with high visibility jackets and radios to nip problems in the bud before they escalate.

    Pastoral Support Managers  based in two rooms over the course of lunchtime to listen to pupils’ concerns and act upon them swiftly.

    Safe Text (07840756950)  a mobile ‘phone number pupils can use if they have concerns over bullying or unpleasantness and would prefer to raise the issue discretely, and if they wish, anonymously.

    Assemblies  raising awareness of the issue via assemblies and drama pieces put on by the pupils themselves.

    Regular Headteacher Surgeries – whereby parents who might have spotted issues at home, which give them cause to think their child is being bullied, can raise it directly with myself.

    Anti-Social Behaviour Workshops  where pupils involved in anti-social behaviour are educated about how this can make others unhappy. 

    We have been holding assemblies with all year groups to make clear what our stance as a school is with the issue of bullying as part of our National Anti-Bullying Week awareness campaign. The key feature of the assemblies is to remind all pupils of their part in helping to make Westlands School a happy and safe environment, where unpleasantness of any sort is not tolerated.  I will be making it clear that nastiness, violence, homophobia and racism are not to be tolerated, whether in school, out of school, and on social media.

    Whilst teachers and support staff can be vigilant and will deal robustly with issues that we see or are brought to our attention, we need pupils to also be our eyes and ears and if they see anything which they can see is wrong then we need them to speak up.

    We are currently engaged in up to date training for all of our staff to know what to look for in pupils who might be experiencing bullying. As many parents will know the signs that bullying is going on are sometimes difficult to see with the untrained eye and a key part of the challenge here is to monitor changes in behaviour which could be as a result of bullying and deal with any issues quickly.

    From time to time we as a school do spot or uncover pupils bullying other pupils. When this happens we use a blend of punishment and workshops which we insist pupils take part in, which make clear the effects of bullying and how it makes the victim feel.

    If you as a parent are concerned at any time regarding any aspect of bullying or unkindness your son or daughter might be experiencing please contact me directly via email at sc@westlands.kent.sch.uk.  If, however, you would like to have a look around the school during the day, when the pupils are present, I would like to remind you that there is always an open invitation to tour the school and see for yourself our school in operation.  We are proud of our school and like to show off the good work of our pupils to parents.  Simply e-mail me to arrange a time.

    Should I receive an email indicating a concern I will arrange for a meeting at school with you to discuss the issue in order that we can deal with the matter swiftly and effectively. Alternatively you may want to attend my Headteacher Surgery to raise the issue there. Either way, as Headteacher, I want to personally know of any concerns over this vitally important area. No child should have to experience bullying and if we hear about it we will do all in our power to deal with it, in partnership with parents and the pupil themselves.

    It is disappointing and somewhat frustrating to sometimes find out concerns first via social media as opposed to direct contact with the school. Whilst social media can have many benefits it is no substitute to bringing matters to the school's attention swiftly. If you have any concerns about your child on the issue of bullying please let me know first.

    Bullying can have a devastating effect on young lives if not dealt with correctly and nipped in the bud. Together as parents, pupils and staff we can help minimise its presence and ensure that our school is a safe and happy learning environment.

    Yours faithfully

    Mr Cox


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